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[50 Years after the TARDIS Crash - 400 Years Before Starbase Karma - Planet Nexar]

"General!!! General, we did it. We found the last piece of the TARDIS. As soon as it's installed we can go home," Shouted an old man with a distinctive eye brows he liked to refer to as 'Attack eye brows'. He grabbed his sonic screwdriver and began work on the final steps of repairing the TARDIS.

Loud clanking foot steps came around the corner that appeared to be mostly a Cyberman with a Klingon head that had the Cyberman head bar going over his head and he sported an eye patch, "Hurry Doctor, enemy forces are inbound."

"Keep your... Cyber pants on Krothos. I'm going as fast as I can," The Doctor snapped with an angry Scottish accent.

"I'll hold them off as best I can. That should buy you a bit more time," the Cyber-General Krothos replied as he went back to his post to secure their compound.

"I will keep my word. I will fix you. It'll be as if we never met. Too bad, I was growing attached to this face. Oh well, I'll get it again when I regenerate," The Doctor went back to work as Krothos went to hold off their attackers.

Krothos tracked an enemy ground vehicle that appeared to be an equivalent of a World War 2 era jeep approaching the compound and took aim, waiting for it to come with-in firing range. Once it did he opened fire with the laser cannon in his wrist, destroying the vehicle as he chanted in his gruffy Klingon battle yell, "Delete, Delete, Delete! One down Doctor, but more are coming."

"One more minute," yelled the Doctor.

"We don't have a minute," Krothos yelled as more jeeps approached. He again started blasting away at them, "Delete, Delete, Delete DELETE..."

An enemy tank rolled up the hill outside their compound and fired a round, putting a big hole in their roof. The building shook and debris of steel and concrete like substances rained down inside the compound.

"Got it," The Doctor yelled as the TARDIS came to life. Krothos bolted back to the TARDIS, stopping to set the compound's auto destruct on the way. The Doctor asked, "Why'd you do that?"

"What are you worried about? We're not going to need the place anymore," Krothos replied.

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders, "You've got a point. One minor stipulation though. It's not in as good a shape as I'd hope. We'll have to go back to Starbase Karma for more repairs before I can fix everything. With their more advanced technology of this backwards rock the repairs will be more effective."

"The Starbase Karma crew can't see me like this," Krothos yelled.

"I know, I know, I promised. But unfortunately there is no other way, we need their help. If they're... IDIC holds up I'm sure it'll be fine," The Doctor said as he simply hit the 'Previous Location' button on the TARDIS and she jumped back into the Time and Space vortex heading back to where he took Krothos from. He added, "I'll aim for the moment we left. With any luck they'll never notice you were gone."

Krothos presented his hand up and down his mostly Cyberman body, "I think they'll notice."

The TARDIS landed in Starbase Karma Operations, the same spot they left from half the day ago. The Doctor that's different from the one that left and a mostly Cyberman Krothos with an eye-patch on his still mostly Klingon head stepped out of the TARDIS to the Starbase Karma crew halted in place staring at them. By the looks of things the search for Krothos had been underway for hours.

Krothos looked to the Doctor, "The exact moment, huh? Told you so."

"Ok, ok. It's like Darts, you can't expect me to hit the bullseye everytime," The Doctor muttered back. He announced to the Starbase Karma Operations crew, "Greetings, I'm the Doctor. And this... this is your General Krothos... more or less." He looked at Krothos and shrugged, "Ok, less. The point is we're back. But we need your help to fix things." Sparks shot out of the TARDIS doors and the Doctor added, "And repairs..."
Sil was trying to quietly go over all that they knew so far. But there was clamor outside the meditation cubicle where she had sealed herself--from Panthera, among others, who was unleashing hell on all who would listen that she had not been allowed to speak to Sil before she went in.

The Deltan shook her head and tried to concentrate once again...

This...Doctor. Jordan had said he was in a blue police call box and wore a bow tie. That he carried a screwdriver, no less! Funny little man, she smiled to herself. And yet, he had taken Krothos. But it had sounded like an accident, and looked that way on the ops visual log she had played back earlier. If that was true, then it wasn't an attack they needed to prepare for, but a rescue...

Besides, it seemed very likely that he had rescued Tay. So they owed the Doctor that as well, no matter how strange he seemed...

Getting to her feet, Sil walked to the nearest wall comm and tapped it. "Tony, this is Sil."

"Mirabi here," he replied.

"Bring Potts to Ops," she said. "I need someone who can save the universe with a toaster and some string."

He chuckled. "You got it, Boss. On our way."

And with that, Sil sqaured her shoulders and went out to face Panthera's wrath.
This section written by Joy Jones, Tina Whitehair, and Michelle Turchiano

Tay was lost in thought after her examination and talking with Sil. Just thinking about the jumbled memories in her mind made her head hurt. None of them made any sense. She remembered fight with Sil about something, something that seemed important at the time, but now. She shook her head.

She looked up when she heard a familiar voice. Another voice she missed but wasn’t sure for how long. Sil said the last time Tay saw any of them was about three days ago, but it felt like years.

“T’Ani,” she whispered.

The Vulcan woman stepped up to the biobed and took her friend’s hand. “How are you feeling?”
“A little confused to be honest,” Tay replied. “Kahless, I can’t, for the life of me remember anything and whenever I try my head feels ready to explode with my jumbled memories.”

Concern shone in T’Ani’s eyes as she listened to her friend. “Perhaps you should not try so hard just yet. You seem to have been through some sort of ordeal and it might be best to get some rest before we proceed.”

She paused a moment before she sighed, “Maybe when you are feeling up to it, we can try a mind meld and then hopefully your memories will have a smoother flow and not be so overwhelming.”

Tay grabbed her friend’s hand when another memory assaulted her. T’Ani was upset about something... upset with Tay. She didn’t like the feeling of those memories. “I want to do it now, T.”

T’Ani sighed, “I’m not sure that is the best idea, Tay. I want to help you, but not at your expense.”

“Please, I need to,” she replied. “You know I don’t normally ask for help, but something is wrong. Everything is wrong and I can’t stand not being able to figure it out!”

T’Ani was quiet for a few moments as she contemplated what to do. Finally, she relented, “All right, but on one condition. If I sense that you are getting too upset or that you are pushing, I’m stopping it. Understood?”

Tay nodded. “I understand. Um, maybe we should see if Sil wants to be here?”

T’Ani replied, “That was my next move. I would not feel comfortable with proceeding without at least speaking to her first. We’ve all been through a lot and there is a lot currently going on.”

“Right. Did she tell you that this guy who disappeared with Krothos... I think I’ve seen him before.”

T’Ani shook her head, “I haven’t had much of a chance to speak with her yet. Not in depth anyways. So, you do have some memories then...they are just not in order?”

“A little, but none of them make any sense. I remember yelling at Sil, a maze of underground caverns, cold, painsticks, and a blue box. I even remember someone from Starfleet telling me to find Sil and...” Tay paused before taking a breath. “And kill her.”

Upon hearing the last, T’Ani took a step back from the biobed. “Did someone in particular give that order?”

“I--I don’t know. That’s all I can remember. I think I was sent to Rura Penthe because I refused,” Tay said, eyes wide.

T’Ani composed herself and stepped forward again and reassuringly stated, “That’s all right. Forgive me, I was pressing. Can I get you anything?”

Tay was about to say no but her stomach growled. “Well,” she said, blushing. “I guess so.”

T’Ani laughed softly, “I think I remember your favorites. I’ll go grab you something and see if I can find Sil as well. In the meantime...”

She looked around to make sure no one was looking and reached into one of the medical storage cabinets and beamed and she tossed the twinkie to her friend. “You never know when there might be an emergency.”

Tay laughed, accepting the treat. “Thank you! I do enjoy a twinkie. Although if my father ever heard me say that...”

T’Ani grinned, “He’ll never hear it from any of us, rest assured.”

She was heading for the door when she turned back, “Tay...it is good to see you. I know you don’t feel it right now, but you seem more like yourself than you did before you left.”

Tay wasn’t sure how to respond to that because she couldn’t remember how she acted before she left. It couldn’t have been good considering the fact that she was yelling at Sil for some reason. But why had she been? She always said she would follow Sil to Sto-Vo-Kor and back.

T’Ani made her way quietly through the corridor, wondering what all her friend had seen since she’d been gone and what could have happened to her that would have messed with her memory. She headed to the mess hall to get some things for Tay to eat and then set out to find Sil. They needed answers, not only to what had happened to Tay but also to Krothos and it seemed their friend held the key.

Sil looked up from her desk when the door buzzer went. "Come."

T’Ani walked into the office and offered a smile, “How are you holding up?”

Sil smiled. “I feel better now that Aquila is on the way. Did you find anything new?”

She sighed, “Not yet. I’m actually here because I wanted to speak with you about Tay.”

Sil turned her monitor off and looked at her seriously. “Okay.”

T’Ani nodded, “I’m actually headed back there now, bringing her something to eat. She’s...asked me to mind meld with her to help her remember. I thought she should take some recovery time first, but she’s being very insistent. I thought if we did move forward with this, you would want to be there.”

Sil stood up. “I’ll do whatever I can to help. Let’s go.”

The two swiftly headed back and T’Ani noted the look of relief on Tay’s face when they entered the room. “I picked out some of your favorites.”

Tay smiled at her friend. “Thanks, T. It looks good,” she said then looked over at Sil. “I know you probably think this is a bad idea but I need to know what happened to me. I need to know why someone ordered me to kill you!”

“Kill me?” Sil’s brows lifted. “That’s rather dramatic, isn’t it?”

“Maybe, but that’s one of the flashes of memories I keep getting. I think it was an order from someone in Starfleet.”

Sil glanced at T’Ani and frowned. “I could have understood that before--but this is a new timeline. Did you know that, Tay?”

Tay was silent for a moment. She shook her head in confusion. “No, I didn’t... How the hell did we end up in a new timeline?”

“Well...it’s a long story. But, as you are feeling better and start moving around the ‘base, you’ll notice some people that were gone never left--and others never came. In any case, it would be important to know from what timeline that order came.”

T’Ani looked at Tay. “Anytime you’re ready. You just let me know.”

She was glad that as they had talked, her friend had been eating. She didn’t like the thought of her being any more vulnerable than she already seemed once they started this.

“Lets do this, T,” Tay said. “Maybe we can even figure out what timeline I was in through the meld.”

T’Ani nodded and with a look at Sil, she stepped forward. The two had melded enough times before that she didn’t need to explain what would happen next, but she did say, “I need you to just be calm. If your memories are as jumbled as you say, you’re going to need to give me more control than you’d probably like.”

“I trust you,” Tay replied with a nod taking several calming breaths. “Okay.”

T’Ani took a deep breath of her own and closed her eyes as she gently eased them into the meld. She could feel the pull of resistance and said her friend’s name aloud. This seemed to remind her and the feeling eased. Just...take your time.

Tay was able to let her mind flow. She saw an argument with Sil and she knew that what she said to her friend was horrible and Tay really hadn’t meant it. She realized she had been jealous of T’Ani and the fact that she had been able to be with Paval and Tay had never been able to be with Trip more than once.

She knew she had grown since then and she would be apologizing to both women once this was over. Tay suddenly saw herself in Starfleet Headquarters. She had been so angry but the moment she stepped up to Admiral Maxim and he told her she was going have to kill Sil she shook her head.

That’s when he ordered her to be sent to Rura Penthe. The next memory took her through mines and caverns. She was shivering and defied each one of her guards. They zapped her with painsticks but she defied them again and again.

The man in the Blue Box appeared one night. He said he was called The Doctor and he had to save her because she was in the wrong place and the wrong time. In a flash he returned her to a shuttlecraft and sent her back to Starbase Karma.

Slowly, T’Ani started untangling their thoughts and sending out reassuring vibes. Once she was finished, both took a moment before opening their eyes, as they regained their senses. “Are you all right?"

“I... I don’t really know,” she replied with a frown. Those memories were not what she expected but now that she had them all she could do was remember everything in full detail. She thought dealing with painsticks would be worse but it was actually her fight with Sil.

Watching her friend’s face, she could guess what it was that was going through her mind. She looked to Sil and then back at Tay, “Would you like for me to leave for a few moments?”

“If you don’t mind, T,” she replied, taking her friends hand. “Thank you.”

The Vulcan woman smiled, “You’re welcome.” She then looked to Sil, “I am going to get back to work on our little mystery here. I’ll see you both later.”

As Sildya turned back to see Tay’s anxious expression, she found that above all she wanted to reassure the young woman that the past was the past--something that often felt uncertain here on SBK, for all of them!

“Tay,” she took her hand. “Please don’t worry. I was hurt, terribly hurt, by what you said to me that day. But in the end I think we all learned something. Some of my very best friends formed lifelong relationships with me because they were able to be upset with me. I’m just glad you’re back and that now we know Admiral Maxim was the person who gave you the order you refused and sent you away. As for T’Ani...I hope you don’t feel jealous any more. Everyone’s path is different. We all serve Time in our own way.”

It took a minute for Tay to compose her thoughts. Once she did she looked at Sil and smiled. “This meld has been an eye opener for me. I am very upset at what I said and how I felt. It may take some time to forgive myself, but I know I can since you have. We’ll figure this out together, just as we always have.”
This section written by seramercury/Taylor Anderson

Hey everyone! I'm back! I know you all missed me. This is just Tay's come back so it's not very long. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Sil was still looking over the readouts when several blips sounded. She glanced over at Shadow, who was at Ops. A small shuttlecraft was heading towards them. “Any attempts to hail them are being ignored,” Shadow told her.

Scanning the shuttle she noticed a familiar life sign… half Klingon, half Human. “Tay…” was her first thought. The timeline had change so it was a possibility. The young woman never reappeared on Karma like Sil hoped she had. Despite her anger, she knew Tay still cared about all of them. Sil knew she still cared about Tay.

“Let’s tractor that shuttle in,” she said. “It’s possible the person is injured. Let Sickbay know and have Security meet me there.”

“Aye, Sir!”


Tay woke up in confusion and pain. All her memories were a jumbled mess. She remembered yelling at Sil then she was at Starfleet and they wanted her to go undercover, something about trying to capture Sil. After that she remembered being constantly cold, caverns, and pain sticks. Then there was a bright blue box and a loud whooshing noise and a man wearing a bowtie.

Looking around the only person she saw was her Deltan friend. Tay didn’t know if she should try to arrest her or ask for forgiveness. The problem was she didn’t know what she would be arresting Sil or asking forgiveness for.

“Tay,” Sil said, taking her hand.

“Sil, I… what happened?”

Her friend frowned. “You don’t remember?”

“No,” Tay replied. “My memories… I don’t know what to believe. I think… I think I was on Rura Penthe.”

Sil shook her head. “That’s impossible! Surely I would have heard about that.”

“I can’t be certain what’s real and what isn’t,” Taylor said. She looked down at her hands. “If I yelled at you for something, I’m sorry. I can’t… I don’t even know what it could have been for.”

“Well let’s not worry about it right now. We have a missing crewman and others seem to have been inhaling some sort of hallucinogen.”

Tay nodded. “Who’s missing?”

“Brigidier General Krothos. Supposedly, according the Alpha shift, a man in a blue police call box and wearing a bowtie appeared on the bridge.”

“Wait. Did you say blue box and bowtie?”

Sil stared at Tay for a minute. “Yes. Why do you know him?”

“I don’t… It’s just something I remembered. I don’t know who he is or where he came from. I think… I think he saved me from Rura Penthe.”

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This section penned by myself and julietm!

T'Ani stepped out of the lift first and directed each of them to take their place on the biobeds before them. She then explained what she knew and suspected to the EMH and waited to see what the results would be. She kept a careful eye on each of them, watching for other signs of hallucinations and was puzzled to find that they seemed normal. Surely a hallucinogenic couldn't have worn off that quickly.

In the meantime, back in Ops, Sil hesitated. She'd been avoiding spending too much time with Panthera and Shadow since resetting the timeline almost back to where it was. The truth being, she felt guilty. Both of them had headed off base on Sabbatical to their homeworlds before SBK's last adventure--and by changing things back, Sil had thought only of herself. That was the plain fact.

But now she had no choice--she needed them in Ops. She made the call.

After a few moments, T'Ani decided to take a tricorder to the Bridge and document some readings for further study. As she was getting ready to leave sickbay, someone grabbed her arm. She turned to find a pair of fearful eyes, "We know what we saw. Please. Please just believe us. How could we all come up with the same exact story?"

She thought this over and nodded, "I'm going to scan the bridge and see what I can find out. We will figure this out, all right? Now...rest so that we can get accurate readings."

She offered a smile and waited until he did so before she turned once more to leave. It had been a long time since she felt a sense of purpose but that spark was once again there and she now moved with determination.

Shadow was the first to appear and, as usual, stepped off the lift making not a sound. His dark eyes searched Sil's worried face. "What is it? What's happened?"

Quietly, and trying not to make it sound crazy, Sil explained.

No doubt due to his Vulcan heritage, Shadow simply nodded. "Then we have no idea who this stranger is?"


T'Ani did a thorough scan and took her time in going over the readings before she sought out Sil. She stepped into the room and respectfully waited for her to pause in her conversation before she spoke.

Sil had heard the lift come up and turned to face her science officer. "How are they?"

"Physically they all seem fine. I came to take some readings, however, on the way here I was thinking this is exactly how someone would sound if they witnessed one of our time events. Perhaps they aren't in distress due to some sort of attack, but instead are distressed because what they described really happened."

For some reason that hadn't occurred to Sil. Had she fallen victim to thinking that SBK and its crew might be the only time travelers that mattered?

Shadow was already nodding. "That was my conclusion as well," he said, an admiring glint in his eye for T'Ani.

T'Ani returned his nod before she began scanning the area in which Krothos had been standing. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the data before she moved to show it to Sil. "The signature is a bit different, but it would seem our theory is correct. This was indeed some sort of time event."

"T'Ani, keep scanning. Shadow, you are dismissed to gather what information you can." Sil paused, thinking. "I need to make a call." And she walked away to her office...

T'Ani and Shadow shared a look before she continued with her scan, being sure to be thorough. All the while, she shook her head, "What could they have been going on about a screwdriver? That does not make sense at all."

Shadow's mouth twisted in what she had come to know was an ironic smile. "I think this intruder has a sense of humor..."

Meanwhile, in her office, Sil used her private ID to make a direct call, by-passing the communications console. After a few moments a handsome young man's face appeared on the screen over her desk, and Sil couldn't help but smile as she swiveled her chair around to face him.

"Why, Captain Langenderfer! You're up early."

He grinned. "I'm always up early, you know that, Admiral. What can I do for you?"

Sil got serious. "I need to requisition one of your crew--is Scholak still aboard USS Aquila?"

T'Ani turned to look at Shadow, "What are your thoughts on this?"

"I find it," he paused, "entertaining. But not really dangerous."

This, coming from the normally paranoid Shadow, was odd enough to make T'Ani raise both brows.

T'Ani found it hard to suppress her laughter as she looked at Shadow. This was a side of him that anyone rarely saw and she had to admit, she was enjoying it. Normally, she felt pressure to be more "Vulcan" around him. This...felt comfortable. She put a hand on her hip, "They said he arrived in a phone box. It sounds like something from a film. Knowing Krothos, I'm thinking he wasn't abducted, but instead went after this intruder and got caught in the time stream."

"Well...yes," Captain Langenderfer was replying in Sil's office. "He's assigned to Echo Company, as you know." He was stroking his beard now thoughtfully at her question.

Briefly, SBK's CO explained the situation. "I need him, Rob. And I haven't seen you in forever. I can talk to someone upstairs, get Aquila assigned here...unless there's something pressing you're doing where you are."

"Gods, no," he admitted. "All fueled up and nowhere to go, here. We'd love to dock at Starbase Karma."

"Great, it's settled then. See you in...24 hours."

"That ought to be just about right."

"Tell Scholak I'm counting on a game of chess when he arrives."

Langenderfer grinned. "You bet. Aquila out."

T'Ani turned to Shadow, "Since we have decided those working on the bridge actually saw what happened I am going to go to sickbay and interview them once more and see if I can make heads or tails of it now that they are calmed down. Would you like to join me?"

"Indeed," he said.

Pleased, T'Ani smiled and they walked towards the lift together in silence. She took a deep breath and was glad to be working with the Starbase Karma crew once again. Much had happened over the course of time, but this was her home now and she was glad for her family.

Welcome Back

To the lovely and talented seramercury! (We missed you, Sweetie!)
This segment courtesy of yours truly and julietm...

Sil was already half dressed by the time Lt. Jordan called her to Ops. Krothos' warning of an intruder aboard the base was something she often heard in nightmares--but now she knew this was real! Quickly, she dressed, glancing over at Tony, who was still sound asleep. Probably better if she left him that way, for now...

T'Ani dashed out of her quarters when she heard the klaxons and soon caught up with Sil, "What's happening? What is it?"

"Intruder alert," Sil said breathlessly as they sped toward the nearest lift. "Krothos gave the alert from Ops."

The two of them sped off the lift in Operations, and a host of junior officers met them, Lt. Jordan heading them up.

"Ma'am," the young Human boy said breathlessly, "It was...a British phone booth, what they referred to as a Call Box centuries ago. A man came out of it with a screwdriver in his hand--"

"A sonic screwdriver," someone else chimed in.

"Yes, one of those--and then he and Krothos were just...GONE!"

T'Ani and Sil were both quiet for a moment as they took in all of what everyone was saying. T'Ani turned her back to them and crossed her arms. She raised a quizzical eyebrow and quietly asked, "Some sort of hallucinogenic, possibly?"

Sil looked concerned. That an enemy invader might have used some kind of psychotropic compound to delude her crew was frightening enough--but Krothos was missing. That was disturbing.

"We'd better take them all to the infirmary and have the EMH take a look at them. In the meantime, I'll wake Tony...and Shadow."

T'Ani turned to face them once more and calmly stated, "If you will all follow me, we need to follow protocol and have everyone checked out in the infirmary. Any sort of exposure could be dangerous not only to you, but also to the crew. Come now...it won't take long."

She then turned to Sil, "I will notify the next shift they need to report a bit early."
"But Ma'am," Jordan said, respectful but red in the face, "that's what happened."

Sil patted him on the shoulder. "I realize you think it is, Lieutenant," she said gently. "But..."

"C'mon, Jor," one of the other youngsters said. And they let T'ani lead them away."

Sil walked over to the Ops central readout and looked at a couple of readings as the lift behind her descended. In truth, she didn't want anyone to see the concern on her face. What had happened over the last few weeks on this base had been traumatic enough for any one of her crew to lose their sanity--she just hadn't expected it would happen in groups like this...

In the lift, T'Ani thought she would try and tone down the tension by keeping everyone talking, but without encouraging them...simply getting a feel for what it was they thought they saw. She turned to face them and asked, "This...intruder. Can you tell me anything about the actual intruder?"

Jordan leaned against the lift with his arms crossed, frowning, but one of the others spoke up. "He said he was the doctor."

T'Ani looked at him with interest and hidden concern, "The doctor? What doctor? Doctor who?"

Now another one chimed in, "No, no, remember? He said 'Who's On First'! Is it a code, Commander T'Ani?"

She pondered their words before she shook her head and asked, "Tell me more about this…’screwdriver.'"

Historical Documents 4, Part 1

General Krothos was racking his brain on the unknown minor temporal anomaly that their temporal scanners couldn't identify in the early 21st century Earth. He had command of Starbase Operations on the night shift as he stared at the console. Engineering had checked it out, it was working properly. There were no anomalies that would interfere with their scans, so he should be getting a clear view of what was going on. His theory was that the Timefleet even further in the future must have been jamming Starbase Karama's temporal sensors of this time from seeing an operation they were running in the early 21st century Earth.
The Starbase's red alert klaxons started sounding as Krothos heard an odd loud humming sound getting louder, quieter, louder, quieter, louder, quieter and so forth as a blue rectangular box faded into existence 10 feet from where Krothos was sitting as he shot up out of his seat. It had a flashing blue light on the top and it read, 'Police Phone Box.' Krothos barked as he tapped his communicator, “Intruder alert in Operations.”
“Blimey,” said a thin man in a light brown suit jacket with a pink shirt and a maroon bow tie and dark slacks topped off with a red fez hat. He pulled out a device not much bigger then a writing utensil from his inner jacket pocket. He waved it around as it made winding sounds. He looked at Krothos' angered face, “Your a Klingon... This is impossible. How did-”
“HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?” Krothos roared, angry his security had been breached.
“Yes, exactly, thank you,” the man replied. He added, “By the way, “I'm The Doctor.”
“Dr. Who?” asked Krothos annoyed.
“No, just The Doctor. Who's on first,” The Doctor chuckled to himself.
Krothos grew impatient and grabbed The Doctor by the collars of his jacket, squeezing the jacket around his neck, “How did you get here?”
The Doctor used the sonic screwdriver above Krothos' ridges and caused him to get an excruciating headache. Krothos released The Doctor to grab at his head. The Doctor bolted back into the TARDIS and it's humming started up again.
“No you don't,” Krothos regained his composure and charged at the TARDIS. He jumped on it and gripped onto the flashing blue light on the top as Starbase Karma's operations room disappeared around them and they flew into a vortex of twirling clouds and lighting strikes. He clung onto the TARDIS for dear life. When a bolt struck him he jolted and the blue flashing light broke off in Krothos' hand. He fell off the TARDIS and into the clouds of the vortex. He popped out onto a planet and tumbled several meters across the surface, falling unconscious with the broken piece of the TARDIS in his hand.

Meanwhile sparks jetted out the center console of the TARDIS command center as it shook violently as it too fell out of the vortex and crash landed. The Doctor searched the rubble that was his TARDIS for his sonic screwdriver that went missing in the crash. Before he could find it he heard the engines of the planet's inhabitants military vehicles equivalent of 1950's Earth technology. The Doctor climbed out of the wreckage and abandoned the TARDIS to elude capture. If only he had his sonic screwdriver and the missing piece he could repair her. He ran for cover and watched from afar as the planet's military took custody of his ship. And without his Timelord technology for the first time he was helpless to stop them.

Meanwhile back on Starbase Karma, Lt. Jordan watched in shock as their Security Chief disappeared with the blue box. He scanned time and space trying to find Krothos and tapped his communicator, “Lt. Jordan to Admiral Fangali-Bast, you're needed in Operations...”

A Quantum Leap Back, Part 29

By julietm and yours truly. :)

Krothos growled deep in his throat as the Bloodthirst's phasers came to bear on the last Tarkan ship, easily a match for this outworld invader. One of his Klingon crew barked a message at him and Krothos' head snapped around in frustration. What did Mirabi mean by interrupting him now?

"Open Channel," he commanded in his native tongue.

"Krothos!" the Human engineer's voice sounded frantic even through the static. "Call off your attack! You won't make it. You don't remember!"

T'Ani threw a frantic glance back at Sil as the panel before her began to light up and sound off. "I hope you know what you're doing, Sil," she said through gritted teeth.

Professor Potts looked at her and shooed her away, "You're clearly distracted. Go...I'll keep an eye on the controls."

She shot him a grateful glance as she slipped away and moved closer to Sil. "Please be ok," she nearly prayed.

Sil was aware, in a distant way, of the bi-play between Ops and the Bloodthirst. She tried again to reach the Tarkan vessel, but it was too far away and adrenalin rushed over her as she almost lost hold of all the events she had so carefully arranged. She stopped where she was.

Pulling back into her body, she realized how weak it had become. Awareness of the room and her cramped limbs stole over her. Someone was near. T'Ani? Potts? If she couldn't reach the Tarkan ship, she needed to at least get to Krothos, somehow tell him to stop. The thought of losing her old Klingon friend after all this time filled her with despair. But Deltans were not telepathic, even with their great power over the fabric of space.

If only I was Vulcan, she thought.

As T'Ani reached out for her friend to support her, a jolt was sent through her. Sil's thoughts rushed through her and T'Ani urged her, "Rest in me, Sil....use me."

Immediately she connected with her friend and let go of all control, completely turning herself over to whatever she might need. Now, she was merely a vessel, a conduit, providing energy and whatever else Sil might need to be able to finish this. Having felt helpless through most of the situation, this was the least she could do.

The familiar, bright intelligence of T'Ani's strong mind bolstered her, and Sil found what needed to send to Krothos:

Do not attack. That's an order, Krothos. Return and cloak the Base.

Then, shaking herself out of the link, she called hoarsely aloud:

"Ops, this is Sil. I think you'll find weapons are online. Get that ship!"

"But Admiral," came back Tony's voice. "Won't we be discovered if we fire?"

"Just do it!" she commanded. "I'll explain later."

T'Ani wasn't affected at all by Sil's use of her mind, however, her abrupt pull from her nearly caused her to waiver. As she got herself together, she listened to Sil's instructions and called to Potts to bring her some water.

"Sil, are you all right? Shall I call a medical team?"

Aboard Bloodthirst, Krothos reflexively dug at his ears, although he knew the voice in his head hadn't come over the ship to ship. "Veer off!" he commanded in Klingon. His crew groaned and he cursed them. "Back to the 'Base--now!"

The Tarkan ship swept on toward Earth, unhindered...

In SBK Ops, Hockley squared his shoulders, looked at Mirabi. "Weapons status?"

Tony and Parsis punched buttons, checked their readouts. "Online," Mirabi said incredulously. "And we've got stuff we never had before! You should see this arsenal!"

Hockley's answering gaze was grim. "You heard the Admiral, Mr. Parsis--take that ship out!"

The young Vulcan's eyes lit, a smile not quite forming on his lips. "Yes sir," he responded, and fired.

The Tarkan ship went up in a huge blast. And a moment later the entire 'base shook like a leaf.

"Yes!" Mirabi exclaimed, then looked toward where Chekov and Sulu had been standing, only to frown in puzzlement. "Where did they go?"

T'Ani felt the base shake just as Potts brought over some water. She handed it to her friend and watched as she weakly moved to take a drink. Not wanting to bombard her with questions, but needing to know what to do next, T'Ani asked, "Do you need to rest here? Can you move? Do we need to get someone in here to check you out?"

Sil gratefully sipped at the cup, then struggled to her feet. "I just think I need to sleep for about a week." She looked at her friend, put a hand to her shoulder. "But, T--I need to tell you. Pavel is gone."

The Vulcan woman hesitated for a moment before she hesitantly asked, "What do you mean...gone?"

"The young one," she said, "I sent him back--along with Sulu. I just wanted to make everything right at one time. You know?"

Relief swept over T'Ani and she nodded, "Of course. I'm glad he's back where he belongs. Now, let's get you to your quarters. I can only imagine how exhausted you must be."

She looked over her shoulder, "Professor Potts, could you please let Mr. Mirabi know that I'm taking Sil back to their quarters? I'm sure he will want to come and check on her himself."

"Oh, yes, when he gets time," Potts replied. "And it looks like we have all the time we need, right here." He smiled his hideously crooked smile.

T'Ani flashed him a smile of her own and a nod of thanks before she wrapped her arm around her friend and led her out into the corridor and towards the lift. "Are you sure you don't want to stop by sickbay? Tony will kill me himself if something happens to you."

"Why, so the EMH can look me over? I think not," Sil replied.

T'Ani laughed, "As you wish. It would seem you still have that spark of fire so I can't be too worried."

She looked at her friend knowingly as the lift started moving, "You nearly pushed yourself too far this time."

"We never know how far we can go...until we try?" Sil replied.

But privately, she wondered. Had she gone too far? Moved too many people and events? Only time would tell.


She just had to hope it was still on their side...

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