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[50 Years after the TARDIS Crash - 400 Years Before Starbase Karma - Planet Nexar]

"General!!! General, we did it. We found the last piece of the TARDIS. As soon as it's installed we can go home," Shouted an old man with a distinctive eye brows he liked to refer to as 'Attack eye brows'. He grabbed his sonic screwdriver and began work on the final steps of repairing the TARDIS.

Loud clanking foot steps came around the corner that appeared to be mostly a Cyberman with a Klingon head that had the Cyberman head bar going over his head and he sported an eye patch, "Hurry Doctor, enemy forces are inbound."

"Keep your... Cyber pants on Krothos. I'm going as fast as I can," The Doctor snapped with an angry Scottish accent.

"I'll hold them off as best I can. That should buy you a bit more time," the Cyber-General Krothos replied as he went back to his post to secure their compound.

"I will keep my word. I will fix you. It'll be as if we never met. Too bad, I was growing attached to this face. Oh well, I'll get it again when I regenerate," The Doctor went back to work as Krothos went to hold off their attackers.

Krothos tracked an enemy ground vehicle that appeared to be an equivalent of a World War 2 era jeep approaching the compound and took aim, waiting for it to come with-in firing range. Once it did he opened fire with the laser cannon in his wrist, destroying the vehicle as he chanted in his gruffy Klingon battle yell, "Delete, Delete, Delete! One down Doctor, but more are coming."

"One more minute," yelled the Doctor.

"We don't have a minute," Krothos yelled as more jeeps approached. He again started blasting away at them, "Delete, Delete, Delete DELETE..."

An enemy tank rolled up the hill outside their compound and fired a round, putting a big hole in their roof. The building shook and debris of steel and concrete like substances rained down inside the compound.

"Got it," The Doctor yelled as the TARDIS came to life. Krothos bolted back to the TARDIS, stopping to set the compound's auto destruct on the way. The Doctor asked, "Why'd you do that?"

"What are you worried about? We're not going to need the place anymore," Krothos replied.

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders, "You've got a point. One minor stipulation though. It's not in as good a shape as I'd hope. We'll have to go back to Starbase Karma for more repairs before I can fix everything. With their more advanced technology of this backwards rock the repairs will be more effective."

"The Starbase Karma crew can't see me like this," Krothos yelled.

"I know, I know, I promised. But unfortunately there is no other way, we need their help. If they're... IDIC holds up I'm sure it'll be fine," The Doctor said as he simply hit the 'Previous Location' button on the TARDIS and she jumped back into the Time and Space vortex heading back to where he took Krothos from. He added, "I'll aim for the moment we left. With any luck they'll never notice you were gone."

Krothos presented his hand up and down his mostly Cyberman body, "I think they'll notice."

The TARDIS landed in Starbase Karma Operations, the same spot they left from half the day ago. The Doctor that's different from the one that left and a mostly Cyberman Krothos with an eye-patch on his still mostly Klingon head stepped out of the TARDIS to the Starbase Karma crew halted in place staring at them. By the looks of things the search for Krothos had been underway for hours.

Krothos looked to the Doctor, "The exact moment, huh? Told you so."

"Ok, ok. It's like Darts, you can't expect me to hit the bullseye everytime," The Doctor muttered back. He announced to the Starbase Karma Operations crew, "Greetings, I'm the Doctor. And this... this is your General Krothos... more or less." He looked at Krothos and shrugged, "Ok, less. The point is we're back. But we need your help to fix things." Sparks shot out of the TARDIS doors and the Doctor added, "And repairs..."


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Nov. 14th, 2014 02:22 pm (UTC)
Hey! I never got to tell you how awesome this part was. I need to work on another part. Were you still wanting to continue working on this? If so, I'd love to do a section with you. Just let me know! :)
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