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Sil was trying to quietly go over all that they knew so far. But there was clamor outside the meditation cubicle where she had sealed herself--from Panthera, among others, who was unleashing hell on all who would listen that she had not been allowed to speak to Sil before she went in.

The Deltan shook her head and tried to concentrate once again...

This...Doctor. Jordan had said he was in a blue police call box and wore a bow tie. That he carried a screwdriver, no less! Funny little man, she smiled to herself. And yet, he had taken Krothos. But it had sounded like an accident, and looked that way on the ops visual log she had played back earlier. If that was true, then it wasn't an attack they needed to prepare for, but a rescue...

Besides, it seemed very likely that he had rescued Tay. So they owed the Doctor that as well, no matter how strange he seemed...

Getting to her feet, Sil walked to the nearest wall comm and tapped it. "Tony, this is Sil."

"Mirabi here," he replied.

"Bring Potts to Ops," she said. "I need someone who can save the universe with a toaster and some string."

He chuckled. "You got it, Boss. On our way."

And with that, Sil sqaured her shoulders and went out to face Panthera's wrath.

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