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This section written by seramercury/Taylor Anderson

Hey everyone! I'm back! I know you all missed me. This is just Tay's come back so it's not very long. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Sil was still looking over the readouts when several blips sounded. She glanced over at Shadow, who was at Ops. A small shuttlecraft was heading towards them. “Any attempts to hail them are being ignored,” Shadow told her.

Scanning the shuttle she noticed a familiar life sign… half Klingon, half Human. “Tay…” was her first thought. The timeline had change so it was a possibility. The young woman never reappeared on Karma like Sil hoped she had. Despite her anger, she knew Tay still cared about all of them. Sil knew she still cared about Tay.

“Let’s tractor that shuttle in,” she said. “It’s possible the person is injured. Let Sickbay know and have Security meet me there.”

“Aye, Sir!”


Tay woke up in confusion and pain. All her memories were a jumbled mess. She remembered yelling at Sil then she was at Starfleet and they wanted her to go undercover, something about trying to capture Sil. After that she remembered being constantly cold, caverns, and pain sticks. Then there was a bright blue box and a loud whooshing noise and a man wearing a bowtie.

Looking around the only person she saw was her Deltan friend. Tay didn’t know if she should try to arrest her or ask for forgiveness. The problem was she didn’t know what she would be arresting Sil or asking forgiveness for.

“Tay,” Sil said, taking her hand.

“Sil, I… what happened?”

Her friend frowned. “You don’t remember?”

“No,” Tay replied. “My memories… I don’t know what to believe. I think… I think I was on Rura Penthe.”

Sil shook her head. “That’s impossible! Surely I would have heard about that.”

“I can’t be certain what’s real and what isn’t,” Taylor said. She looked down at her hands. “If I yelled at you for something, I’m sorry. I can’t… I don’t even know what it could have been for.”

“Well let’s not worry about it right now. We have a missing crewman and others seem to have been inhaling some sort of hallucinogen.”

Tay nodded. “Who’s missing?”

“Brigidier General Krothos. Supposedly, according the Alpha shift, a man in a blue police call box and wearing a bowtie appeared on the bridge.”

“Wait. Did you say blue box and bowtie?”

Sil stared at Tay for a minute. “Yes. Why do you know him?”

“I don’t… It’s just something I remembered. I don’t know who he is or where he came from. I think… I think he saved me from Rura Penthe.”


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