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This section penned by myself and julietm!

T'Ani stepped out of the lift first and directed each of them to take their place on the biobeds before them. She then explained what she knew and suspected to the EMH and waited to see what the results would be. She kept a careful eye on each of them, watching for other signs of hallucinations and was puzzled to find that they seemed normal. Surely a hallucinogenic couldn't have worn off that quickly.

In the meantime, back in Ops, Sil hesitated. She'd been avoiding spending too much time with Panthera and Shadow since resetting the timeline almost back to where it was. The truth being, she felt guilty. Both of them had headed off base on Sabbatical to their homeworlds before SBK's last adventure--and by changing things back, Sil had thought only of herself. That was the plain fact.

But now she had no choice--she needed them in Ops. She made the call.

After a few moments, T'Ani decided to take a tricorder to the Bridge and document some readings for further study. As she was getting ready to leave sickbay, someone grabbed her arm. She turned to find a pair of fearful eyes, "We know what we saw. Please. Please just believe us. How could we all come up with the same exact story?"

She thought this over and nodded, "I'm going to scan the bridge and see what I can find out. We will figure this out, all right? Now...rest so that we can get accurate readings."

She offered a smile and waited until he did so before she turned once more to leave. It had been a long time since she felt a sense of purpose but that spark was once again there and she now moved with determination.

Shadow was the first to appear and, as usual, stepped off the lift making not a sound. His dark eyes searched Sil's worried face. "What is it? What's happened?"

Quietly, and trying not to make it sound crazy, Sil explained.

No doubt due to his Vulcan heritage, Shadow simply nodded. "Then we have no idea who this stranger is?"


T'Ani did a thorough scan and took her time in going over the readings before she sought out Sil. She stepped into the room and respectfully waited for her to pause in her conversation before she spoke.

Sil had heard the lift come up and turned to face her science officer. "How are they?"

"Physically they all seem fine. I came to take some readings, however, on the way here I was thinking this is exactly how someone would sound if they witnessed one of our time events. Perhaps they aren't in distress due to some sort of attack, but instead are distressed because what they described really happened."

For some reason that hadn't occurred to Sil. Had she fallen victim to thinking that SBK and its crew might be the only time travelers that mattered?

Shadow was already nodding. "That was my conclusion as well," he said, an admiring glint in his eye for T'Ani.

T'Ani returned his nod before she began scanning the area in which Krothos had been standing. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the data before she moved to show it to Sil. "The signature is a bit different, but it would seem our theory is correct. This was indeed some sort of time event."

"T'Ani, keep scanning. Shadow, you are dismissed to gather what information you can." Sil paused, thinking. "I need to make a call." And she walked away to her office...

T'Ani and Shadow shared a look before she continued with her scan, being sure to be thorough. All the while, she shook her head, "What could they have been going on about a screwdriver? That does not make sense at all."

Shadow's mouth twisted in what she had come to know was an ironic smile. "I think this intruder has a sense of humor..."

Meanwhile, in her office, Sil used her private ID to make a direct call, by-passing the communications console. After a few moments a handsome young man's face appeared on the screen over her desk, and Sil couldn't help but smile as she swiveled her chair around to face him.

"Why, Captain Langenderfer! You're up early."

He grinned. "I'm always up early, you know that, Admiral. What can I do for you?"

Sil got serious. "I need to requisition one of your crew--is Scholak still aboard USS Aquila?"

T'Ani turned to look at Shadow, "What are your thoughts on this?"

"I find it," he paused, "entertaining. But not really dangerous."

This, coming from the normally paranoid Shadow, was odd enough to make T'Ani raise both brows.

T'Ani found it hard to suppress her laughter as she looked at Shadow. This was a side of him that anyone rarely saw and she had to admit, she was enjoying it. Normally, she felt pressure to be more "Vulcan" around him. This...felt comfortable. She put a hand on her hip, "They said he arrived in a phone box. It sounds like something from a film. Knowing Krothos, I'm thinking he wasn't abducted, but instead went after this intruder and got caught in the time stream."

"Well...yes," Captain Langenderfer was replying in Sil's office. "He's assigned to Echo Company, as you know." He was stroking his beard now thoughtfully at her question.

Briefly, SBK's CO explained the situation. "I need him, Rob. And I haven't seen you in forever. I can talk to someone upstairs, get Aquila assigned here...unless there's something pressing you're doing where you are."

"Gods, no," he admitted. "All fueled up and nowhere to go, here. We'd love to dock at Starbase Karma."

"Great, it's settled then. See you in...24 hours."

"That ought to be just about right."

"Tell Scholak I'm counting on a game of chess when he arrives."

Langenderfer grinned. "You bet. Aquila out."

T'Ani turned to Shadow, "Since we have decided those working on the bridge actually saw what happened I am going to go to sickbay and interview them once more and see if I can make heads or tails of it now that they are calmed down. Would you like to join me?"

"Indeed," he said.

Pleased, T'Ani smiled and they walked towards the lift together in silence. She took a deep breath and was glad to be working with the Starbase Karma crew once again. Much had happened over the course of time, but this was her home now and she was glad for her family.

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