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This segment courtesy of yours truly and julietm...

Sil was already half dressed by the time Lt. Jordan called her to Ops. Krothos' warning of an intruder aboard the base was something she often heard in nightmares--but now she knew this was real! Quickly, she dressed, glancing over at Tony, who was still sound asleep. Probably better if she left him that way, for now...

T'Ani dashed out of her quarters when she heard the klaxons and soon caught up with Sil, "What's happening? What is it?"

"Intruder alert," Sil said breathlessly as they sped toward the nearest lift. "Krothos gave the alert from Ops."

The two of them sped off the lift in Operations, and a host of junior officers met them, Lt. Jordan heading them up.

"Ma'am," the young Human boy said breathlessly, "It was...a British phone booth, what they referred to as a Call Box centuries ago. A man came out of it with a screwdriver in his hand--"

"A sonic screwdriver," someone else chimed in.

"Yes, one of those--and then he and Krothos were just...GONE!"

T'Ani and Sil were both quiet for a moment as they took in all of what everyone was saying. T'Ani turned her back to them and crossed her arms. She raised a quizzical eyebrow and quietly asked, "Some sort of hallucinogenic, possibly?"

Sil looked concerned. That an enemy invader might have used some kind of psychotropic compound to delude her crew was frightening enough--but Krothos was missing. That was disturbing.

"We'd better take them all to the infirmary and have the EMH take a look at them. In the meantime, I'll wake Tony...and Shadow."

T'Ani turned to face them once more and calmly stated, "If you will all follow me, we need to follow protocol and have everyone checked out in the infirmary. Any sort of exposure could be dangerous not only to you, but also to the crew. Come now...it won't take long."

She then turned to Sil, "I will notify the next shift they need to report a bit early."
"But Ma'am," Jordan said, respectful but red in the face, "that's what happened."

Sil patted him on the shoulder. "I realize you think it is, Lieutenant," she said gently. "But..."

"C'mon, Jor," one of the other youngsters said. And they let T'ani lead them away."

Sil walked over to the Ops central readout and looked at a couple of readings as the lift behind her descended. In truth, she didn't want anyone to see the concern on her face. What had happened over the last few weeks on this base had been traumatic enough for any one of her crew to lose their sanity--she just hadn't expected it would happen in groups like this...

In the lift, T'Ani thought she would try and tone down the tension by keeping everyone talking, but without encouraging them...simply getting a feel for what it was they thought they saw. She turned to face them and asked, "This...intruder. Can you tell me anything about the actual intruder?"

Jordan leaned against the lift with his arms crossed, frowning, but one of the others spoke up. "He said he was the doctor."

T'Ani looked at him with interest and hidden concern, "The doctor? What doctor? Doctor who?"

Now another one chimed in, "No, no, remember? He said 'Who's On First'! Is it a code, Commander T'Ani?"

She pondered their words before she shook her head and asked, "Tell me more about this…’screwdriver.'"


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