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Historical Documents 4, Part 1

General Krothos was racking his brain on the unknown minor temporal anomaly that their temporal scanners couldn't identify in the early 21st century Earth. He had command of Starbase Operations on the night shift as he stared at the console. Engineering had checked it out, it was working properly. There were no anomalies that would interfere with their scans, so he should be getting a clear view of what was going on. His theory was that the Timefleet even further in the future must have been jamming Starbase Karama's temporal sensors of this time from seeing an operation they were running in the early 21st century Earth.
The Starbase's red alert klaxons started sounding as Krothos heard an odd loud humming sound getting louder, quieter, louder, quieter, louder, quieter and so forth as a blue rectangular box faded into existence 10 feet from where Krothos was sitting as he shot up out of his seat. It had a flashing blue light on the top and it read, 'Police Phone Box.' Krothos barked as he tapped his communicator, “Intruder alert in Operations.”
“Blimey,” said a thin man in a light brown suit jacket with a pink shirt and a maroon bow tie and dark slacks topped off with a red fez hat. He pulled out a device not much bigger then a writing utensil from his inner jacket pocket. He waved it around as it made winding sounds. He looked at Krothos' angered face, “Your a Klingon... This is impossible. How did-”
“HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?” Krothos roared, angry his security had been breached.
“Yes, exactly, thank you,” the man replied. He added, “By the way, “I'm The Doctor.”
“Dr. Who?” asked Krothos annoyed.
“No, just The Doctor. Who's on first,” The Doctor chuckled to himself.
Krothos grew impatient and grabbed The Doctor by the collars of his jacket, squeezing the jacket around his neck, “How did you get here?”
The Doctor used the sonic screwdriver above Krothos' ridges and caused him to get an excruciating headache. Krothos released The Doctor to grab at his head. The Doctor bolted back into the TARDIS and it's humming started up again.
“No you don't,” Krothos regained his composure and charged at the TARDIS. He jumped on it and gripped onto the flashing blue light on the top as Starbase Karma's operations room disappeared around them and they flew into a vortex of twirling clouds and lighting strikes. He clung onto the TARDIS for dear life. When a bolt struck him he jolted and the blue flashing light broke off in Krothos' hand. He fell off the TARDIS and into the clouds of the vortex. He popped out onto a planet and tumbled several meters across the surface, falling unconscious with the broken piece of the TARDIS in his hand.

Meanwhile sparks jetted out the center console of the TARDIS command center as it shook violently as it too fell out of the vortex and crash landed. The Doctor searched the rubble that was his TARDIS for his sonic screwdriver that went missing in the crash. Before he could find it he heard the engines of the planet's inhabitants military vehicles equivalent of 1950's Earth technology. The Doctor climbed out of the wreckage and abandoned the TARDIS to elude capture. If only he had his sonic screwdriver and the missing piece he could repair her. He ran for cover and watched from afar as the planet's military took custody of his ship. And without his Timelord technology for the first time he was helpless to stop them.

Meanwhile back on Starbase Karma, Lt. Jordan watched in shock as their Security Chief disappeared with the blue box. He scanned time and space trying to find Krothos and tapped his communicator, “Lt. Jordan to Admiral Fangali-Bast, you're needed in Operations...”

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